How We Price Informaton

As the volume of downloads increase, the value increases.

All information packets start out at $0.  At X threshold of downloads, the price goes up.  If the downloads continue to increase, then the price will continue to go up.

The thinking is that the marketplace will value the information.  If the marketplace thinks the information is worth more money they will pay.

Educational Blockchains

All Content uses the @lantis Educational BlockChain.  This help verify the information and adds value over other information sources.

Every Membership Includes

Access to All Information

Causal visitors can only see a few things.  Members see everything.

Can Sell Information

Only Members can sell information through the @latis Info Store.

Add Value To Existing Content

Members can comment on other learning packets in order to add value

Voting Rights

Only Members have voting rights.  Voting is what helps verify information.  Facts are voted true or false, Arguments are voted reasonable or not.  ETC.

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